20 Pinecone Crafts To Sell For Winter 2023

As the winter season approaches, it’s the perfect time to get creative and start crafting beautiful pinecone creations to sell. Whether you’re looking to make some extra cash or just enjoy crafting as a hobby, there are plenty of unique and marketable pinecone crafts that you can create. Here are 20 pinecone crafts to sell for Winter 2023:

1. Pinecone Wreaths

One of the most popular pinecone crafts to sell is pinecone wreaths. These festive decorations are perfect for hanging on doors or walls during the winter season. You can get creative with different colors, ribbons, and embellishments to make your wreaths stand out.

2. Pinecone Ornaments

Create handmade pinecone ornaments to sell as tree decorations or festive accents around the home. You can paint them, add glitter, or even personalize them with names or dates for a unique touch.

3. Pinecone Centerpieces

Design stunning pinecone centerpieces to sell for winter table settings or holiday gatherings. Add candles, greenery, and other seasonal elements to make your centerpieces a statement piece.

4. Pinecone Garland

String together pinecones to create a beautiful garland that can be hung on mantels, staircases, or walls. This versatile craft can be customized with different colors and textures to fit any décor style.

5. Pinecone Fire Starters

Offer pinecone fire starters for sale as a practical and eco-friendly option for starting fires in fireplaces or outdoor pits. Infuse the pinecones with scents like cinnamon or pine for a festive touch.

6. Pinecone Bird Feeders

Appeal to nature lovers by selling pinecone bird feeders that can attract birds to gardens or outdoor spaces. Simply coat the pinecones in birdseed and hang them from trees or hooks.

7. Pinecone Potpourri

Create fragrant pinecone potpourri bundles to sell as a natural air freshener for homes. Add essential oils or dried herbs to the pinecones for a custom scent blend.

8. Pinecone Christmas Trees

Craft miniature pinecone Christmas trees to sell as tabletop decorations or holiday accents. Decorate them with miniature ornaments, lights, or faux snow for a festive look.

9. Pinecone Candle Holders

Turn pinecones into decorative candle holders to sell for winter home décor. Place tea lights or small candles inside the pinecones for a cozy and rustic touch.

10. Pinecone Picture Frames

Offer pinecone picture frames for sale as a unique and handmade gift idea. Glue pinecones around the frame and add a photo for a personalized touch.

11. Pinecone Snow Globes

Create whimsical pinecone snow globes to sell as a winter-themed decoration. Add miniature figurines, glitter, and faux snow inside a glass jar with a pinecone to complete the look.

12. Pinecone Keychains

Design pinecone keychains to sell as a practical and stylish accessory. Attach a pinecone to a key ring and embellish with beads or charms for a unique touch.

13. Pinecone Jewelry

Make pinecone jewelry pieces like earrings, necklaces, or bracelets to sell as one-of-a-kind accessories. Seal the pinecones with resin for a polished finish.

14. Pinecone Place Card Holders

Craft pinecone place card holders to sell for winter weddings or events. Use the pinecones as a natural and rustic way to display seating arrangements.

15. Pinecone Magnets

Create pinecone magnets to sell as charming decorations for refrigerators or magnetic boards. Paint or embellish the pinecones with designs or patterns for a fun twist.

16. Pinecone Bath Bombs

Offer pinecone-shaped bath bombs for sale as a luxurious and relaxing self-care product. Infuse the bath bombs with soothing scents and essential oils for a spa-like experience.

17. Pinecone Candles

Sell pinecone candles that are made from melting down wax and pouring it into hollowed-out pinecones. These candles offer a natural and rustic look that is perfect for winter décor.

18. Pinecone Coasters

Craft pinecone coasters to sell as practical and decorative items for protecting surfaces. Seal the pinecones with resin to create a durable and waterproof finish.

19. Pinecone Scented Sachets

Create scented sachets filled with pinecones and aromatic herbs to sell as a natural air freshener for drawers or closets. Customize the scents to fit different preferences.

20. Pinecone Christmas Stockings

Make festive Christmas stockings adorned with pinecone accents to sell as a unique and handmade holiday gift. Personalize the stockings with names or initials for a special touch.

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