700,000 Passports Unprinted in Pakistan, Here’s Why

Pakistan passport shortage

Pakistan has suspended the issuance of new passports due to a shortage of lamination paper. The backlog of unprinted passports has reached 700,000.

The government has ordered lamination paper, which is expected to arrive on Friday. Passport printing will continue on Saturday and Sunday to clear the backlog.

The suspension of passport printing has affected people who need to travel abroad. The caretaker interior minister has ordered officials to ensure the timely printing of passports.

The passport department has also extended the delivery time for regular passport applications to 21 working days, from the previous 10 days.

In simple terms, a passport backlog is a delay in printing or issuing passports. In Pakistan, the backlog is due to a shortage of lamination paper, which is used to make the pages of passports durable and secure.

The government is working to resolve the issue, and passport printing is expected to resume soon. However, travelers should be aware of the potential delays and plan accordingly.

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