Google Chrome Got Updated for PC Users (Just Now)

Google Chrome Got Updated for PC Users

Recently, we have seen many changes to the Google Chrome app on mobile screens.

Some of the basic changes include icon changes in the address bar.

search bar new icon in google chrome mobile app

The auto-suggestions were also redesigned, becoming a block element instead of a list. To summarize, the changes were mostly design-related, particularly icon changes.

google auto suggestion new design in google chrome app

I just started seeing the same changes in my desktop browser as well.

The same changes are happening here; tabs now have a block-like element on them, so when you hover over them, it feels like you are actually clicking something, instead of just clicking and hoping it will do something.

new background like block element in google chrome

Google Chrome is pushing more towards giving border-radius to its screens and design elements.

I can even see a border radius on the tab I have opened right now. It has also given more border-radius to its buttons. I just opened my browser and it asked me to restore my browsing activity; just looking at the “Restore” button, I could tell that there was an update.

I would say that Google is moving towards a Chrome OS design rather than a Windows style. (changing folder icons on bookmarks, which was just like windows folder icons)

new bookmark folder icon in google chrome

What do I mean by that?

I see that the bookmarks bar in the Google Chrome app on Chrome OS has the same icons as the bookmarks bar in the Chrome browser on other platforms.

We are also seeing font changes and bolding in specific places, such as the “Customize and control Google Chrome” list.

customize and control google chrome

We also seeing context menu changed, text got more think and difficult to read, interestingly it also got a border-radius of around 5px.

context menu

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