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About Me

Owner of Hulk Street - Usman

I'm Usman

I have been freelancing for over 3 years. With the passage of time, I learned many skills, my experience grew and I got an SEO-Executive remote job in US. I am still doing that job and even love it.

Getting paid in dollars while woking from my home country is a big blessing. I’m always looking for side-hustle to earn some extra cash and for this reason I started this blog. Helping other people finding ideal software for their needs and earning some affiliate income on the side, win-win for both.

I learned many things along the way, such as SEO, web design, digital marketing, and data science.

Numbers Speak For Themselves!

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How It Started?

It all started in High School. I always wanted to make money from internet. But there was no guidance to follow. There were many money influencers on YouTube and Instagram. But none of them were teaching the real knowledge. One day, I landed on fiverr and saw people sitting in my country working for anyone around the world.

I had never experienced this before. It looked like a scam to me at first. But this was actually real. There were ton of people who were selling services on fiverr and earning good money as a result. I just wanted to be one of them. I didn’t knew anything about keywords, gigs and what to sell. I had no real skill at that time. But I still dived in. It was mid of 2020. I made a fiverr profile and started selling social media marketing services. Why? Because everybody was doing social media marketing and they were getting a good no. of jobs. 

I made one gig related to social media marketing, published it. And started waiting for order. 

At that time, Fiverr had buyer requests where buyers used to come and write their problems and the amount they want to pay to someone who can solve it. I was competing with many people daily on buyer requests. There were literally 200-300 offers on each buyer request. 

I remember it was Nov 14, 2020, there was a lady from Ireland, she was looking for someone who can manage here facebook pages and increase her audience organically. I wrote an offer and sent it to her. I was quite confident that I might get it. I waited whole day for that. And then there was ping on my phone, it was a notification from fiverr. That Ireland lady accepted my offer and wanted me to work as social media manager for her. You can’t explain that happiness you get from your first order. 

Setting aside everything, I opened laptop and started working on it. I didn’t owned a laptop at that time.

You might be wondering that it took me a very long time to get my first order. Yeah, it was alot of time, but I was learning many more skills along. I was investing my time in right things rather than just wasting.

This is how my freelancing journey started. 


I always think that I’m lucky. Because there were so many people doing the same hard work like you and they didn’t reach any point in their life. 

I am always grateful to god for what I have. 

Taking this story forward: I started doing good on fiverr. My first order got accepted, it was a $30 order. I got $24 in my fiverr account and I was ready to withdraw it. Then I got to know that my funds were on hold, I was worried like what happened. Then I got to know that it’s a normal thing on fiverr. Whenever you order gets completed your funds are on hold for 15 days. After that, you can withdraw it to these platforms such as Payoneer, Paypal and credit/debit card.

The lady who gave me the first order was very happy and gave me another order. This was a big order and she was paying me $100 for the same thing but this time there were 2 pages and more audience needed.

I nailed that order as well. She was very happy. She was actually a business lady and wanted to run her herbal medicine business. I offered that I can work as an Virtual Assistant for her and help her manage her technical tasks that she might not want to do.

She agreed and started paying me $200/month. Tasks were very normal and didn’t take more than 10 hours a week. It was a good and she was getting value as well.

At that time I was just graduated from my high school. And this earning was very good for me. I was buying things on my own and stopped taking money from my parents. It was a big happy moment for me.

But out of nowhere she didn’t wanted my services anymore. It was a sad moment for me. 


Too much time has gone by, and I didn’t get any more orders. I started sending buyer requests again on fiverr. I have sent around 500-600 total buyer requests till today. It was my 321th buyer request, there was a lady from the US who wanted to hire someone who can create web stories for her. This was the first time I was hearing about web stories. I didn’t know what web stories were at that time.

I hopped on google and started searching about “Google Web Stories” and that’s when I learned about web stories. After getting the minimum information, I sent my solution and price to that lady. She was hesitant at first but she agreed. She wanted me to create one trial web story for free. I had no work at that moment so I agreed and started working.

I sent her my work, she really liked it and that’s when I got any order. As I was done with this order, she gave me an even bigger order. And from there our work relationship grew. Now I was doing a variety of tasks for her, creating videos, uploading her blog posts to her website. And even doing SEO on her website articles. I was applying all the good SEO practices on her website.

I worked on and off for more than 1 year for her. She was a very nice lady, always told me detailed at what she wanted. Even though I was making a lot of mistakes, she was still very gentle and guided me on how I can do that job better. 

I’m not working anymore for this lady. But I learned a ton of things from her. I just can’t count, there are so many things she taught me. I’m still very thankful to her. I would always pray for her so that she stays happy all her life.

2022 - I Started Earning Over $500

My working relationship with this lady didn’t end right here. I was very lucky. I got another job on the side.

This time I got an operational job at an affiliate website. Let’s go over how I got this job:

I got this order on fiverr where this guy, who’s my boss now; he wanted google web stories from me. I nailed this order like everyone. He was happy and we started living our lives again.

Out of nowhere, I messaged this guy like a week after I delivered his order. I said,

“Hey man, I made some web stories for you in the past week. I’m just following up to know how those web stories performed for you.”

Exactly after a week, I got a reply from him. He didn’t answer my question, but asked a question from me. He said, “I need a guy who can handle my website operations. Are you available to talk this Monday night?”

We were talking on message and I was so excited. I was out under the sky. My excitement was increasing, the more we were getting into details. 

On Monday, we had a meeting. I introduced myself and he said; I wanted a guy just like you. He listened to me very properly about what I have done in the past, what are my future goals?

End of the story, I got hired. Making $12/hour working remotely for 10 hours a week. Many people will say that’s not a lot. 

But I didn’t have any experience. I used to take any gig I could to earn money, But now I have a job that pays well and much more than I was earning through different gigs.

I learned all the things on this job. And I’m still learning new things. 

2023 - Best Year So Far

You might be wondering if I lost this job like I lost every other job every new year. Actually No!

But I did lose that job where I was working with the last lady as more like a virtual assistant.

I’m still working in my current job and have no plans of leaving it untill I get FIRED! My hours are increasing gradually every 3 months. I get consistent bonuses worth more than my monthly salary. My boss is a great man. He helped me learn all new things. And that’s the only reason I’m able to give my opinion here. I even get a paid week-off recently, I mean this is the first time I have experienced something like this. 

Getting this remote job was a very fortunate experience. There was no better feeling than this. I can finally dream of getting a big computer, my personal mobile phone and my own working desk.

I did it. 

How much time did it take? Approximately 2-3 years. Was it worth it? Yessss

Currently, it’s my first year in college. And I’m earning way more money than my school and college friends.

As I said before, I will repeat this again. I’m very grateful to Allah for everything I have. Without luck, I wouldn’t be here. I wouldn’t be writing on this website. I didn’t had any money to spend on a website like this.

I will soon updated this page with more news and images to spice it up.

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