Investment Calculator – See Your Wealth at Age 60

Investment Calculator

Estimated Retirement Savings

In years, your investment could be worth:


Ready to create a plan for your investment goals?

Wondering if you’re saving enough for your dream retirement?

Feeling uncertain about investing or falling behind?

Investment Calculator

Owning a crystal ball isn't necessary to peek into your financial future. Our Investment Calculator can provide a glimpse of your earning potential. Just input your details to get started.

How does it works?

  1. Current Age: Enter your present age.
  2. Retirement Age: Specify the age at which you plan to retire. If you were born in 1960 or later, your full retirement age is 67.
  3. Initial Investment: (Optional) How much do you currently have in investments? Include all your investment accounts, such as 401(k)s, IRAs, mutual funds, and more.
  4. Monthly Contribution: How much will you invest each month? We recommend investing at least 15% of your income.
  5. Expected Annual Return: What do you expect your investments to earn annually? Historically, the 30-year return of the S&P 500 has averaged around 10–12%[^1^].

Applications of Investment Calculator

Retirement Planning

Discover how your investments can shape your retirement. Estimate your future savings and make informed decisions about when you can retire comfortably.

Investment Goal Setting

Set achievable investment goals and track your progress. Determine how much to invest regularly to reach your desired financial milestones.

Risk Assessment

Experiment with different annual return scenarios to assess the impact of risk on your investment portfolio. Understand the potential outcomes and adjust your strategy accordingly.

Investment Diversification

Explore the benefits of diversifying your investments by calculating the potential returns from various asset classes. Learn how diversification can mitigate risk.

Financial Goal Achievement

Use the calculator to determine the financial milestones you can achieve through disciplined saving and investing. Visualize the power of consistent contributions.

Education Planning

Plan for educational expenses, such as college tuition. Estimate how your investments can fund educational goals for yourself or your children.

Realistic Expectations

Gain a realistic perspective on the time it takes to accumulate substantial wealth. Set expectations for the long-term growth of your investments.

Our Investment Calculator is a versatile tool to help you make sound financial decisions. Get started today to shape a brighter financial future

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